Sunday, July 24, 2016

Machete Attack: Syrian Muslim 'Refugee' Murders Pregnant Woman in Reutlingen, Germany (VIDEO)

Well, authorities won't to be able to spin this one as an Anders Brevik knock off attack.

At Pamela's, "Knife Jihad: MACHETE WIELDING Muslim “refugee” KILLS woman, injuring two others in #Reutlingen #Germany."

At the Telegraph U.K., "Germany machete attack: Syrian asylum seeker murders 'pregnant' woman in Reutlingen":

A Syrian man has attacked and killed a woman he was reportedly in love with, hitting her with a meat cleaver in the southern German town of Reutlingen.

Another woman and a man were also injured in the attack. Local authorities have identified the man as a 21-year-old asylum-seeker from Syria who was known to the police and had previously been charged with causing bodily harm.

He attacked the woman with a meat cleaver taken from the kebab shop where they both worked shortly after 4:30pm on Sunday. The German newspaper Bild reports the woman was pregnant...
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And still more, at London's Daily Mail, "Syrian refugee, 21, hacks PREGNANT woman to death with a machete and injures two others before hero BMW driver runs him over, in latest attack to shock Germany."