Saturday, July 16, 2016

Memphis Commercial Appeal Apologizes for Dallas Cop-Killer Headline: 'Gunman Targeted Whites...'

Maybe at some earlier time I'd have been surprised by this, but not now.

Most of our major institutions, public and private, are afraid of alienating the unruly masses of the radical left.

Here's the Commercial Appeal's report on protests against newspaper earlier this week, "Protesters demonstrate outside Commercial Appeal offices, sides promise monthly talks":

Memphis Commercial Appeal photo CnMiunaUsAAPZ6G_zpswmsgieu6.jpg
About 50 protesters gathered in front of The Commercial Appeal offices Wednesday to voice their disappointment in the newspaper for its coverage historically.

Kim Hill said she canceled her subscription because she felt the newspaper didn’t cover the African-American community properly.

“I feel like black people have been represented in an unfavorable light by The Commercial Appeal,” Hill said.

Rev. Earle Fisher announced the protest Tuesday via Facebook Live. He called for people to gather at the newspaper at 495 Union Avenue to protest what he called an “incendiary headline” published on the front page of Saturday’s newspaper.

The headline he referenced reads “Gunman targeted whites,” referring to last week’s fatal shooting of five police officers and wounding of others during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas.

The Commercial Appeal Editor Louis Graham responded Tuesday with a column, writing “Simply put, we got it wrong.”
Here's the editorial, with a picture of the editor.

Maybe they should have stripped him naked, thrown his body on hot coals, and let the Black Panthers open fire with salt buckshot rounds.

Would that've even appeased the radical black mass hordes?