Friday, July 22, 2016

#Munich Attack: Witness Footage Appears to Show Gunman Opening Fire (VIDEO)

You'd be diving for the pavement at the pop pop pop! sound.

This dude Sebastian Raphael on Twitter has the video. A while ago he said that his girlfriend uploaded it, but I don't see that tweet now.

In any case, it's also at the Guardian, "Witness footage appears to show Munich gunman opening fire – video."

Previously, "#Munich Mall Shooting is Second Attack in Germany in Less Than a Week (VIDEO)."

UPDATE: We're still waiting for information on the shooter. So far, it's all speculation, and frankly, it could be a right-wing attack at this point. We just don't know.

Meanwhile, Robert Stacy McCain's blogging the developments, "MUNICH TERRORIST ATTACK."

Expect further updates.