Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rachel Maddow Befuddled by Hillary's Horrible No-Good 'Rate of Return' on Massive Campaign Ad Spending (VIDEO)

I mentioned this yesterday, heh.

See, "Hillary Clinton Slumps in L.A. Times Daybreak Tracking Poll."

Here's Rachel Maddow, being forced to deal with some facts about the presidential horse race that she'd clearly rather not. And note Guy Cecil, interviewed there, who heads-up strategy for Priorities USA, the Democrat establishment's in-house super-PAC. He's all, "Well, we're going to define Donald Trump early, and that oughta show that the Republican anti-Trump super-PACs were doing it wrong in the primaries."


Trump hasn't even started running ad buys yet. And one way or another Republicans are going to be up on the air in battleground states, and the anti-Hillary attacks are going to be merciless.


See also the Hill, "Polls suggest Clinton-Trump race tightening."

And at Bloomberg, "Hillary Clinton Confronts Her Growing Trust Problem, With Scant Results."