Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Saying #AllLivesMatter Is a Racist White Supremacist 'Rallying Cry' on Social Media

The Black Lives Matter movement is about anti-white racism and black supremacy, and if any leftist steps out of bounds they'll be destroyed.

Here's the background at USA Today, "#AllLivesMatter hashtag is racist, critics say."

And J.Lo's in trouble for tweeting #AllLivesMatter, at PuffHo:

J.Lo deleted the tweet soon after it was posted, but forgot about the other time she used your racist uncle’s rallying cry on Instagram. Nuzzled in between the caption #filltheworldwithmusicloveandpride and #JLin in a promotion post for her new single is #alllivesmatter, the social media movement that erases the specificity of the black experience in this country.