Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Theresa May Prime Minister May Be Disaster for Brit­ain

She backs sharia law, which I mentioned previously.

David Cameron was hopelessly PC on Islamic jihad, which we saw to our everlasting regret after the brutal beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby.

I don't know if Britain can handle more of this, even with the Brexit vote. They've got enough jihadists in country already as it is.

In any case, from Robert Spencer, at Jihad Watch, "Robert Spencer in Epic Times: Theresa May Prime Minister: A Disaster for Brit­ain":

Theresa May photo 1024px-Ukraine_Forum_on_Asset_Recovery_281403892898629_zpsg97kvr41.jpg
OPINION - The worst outcome of Britain's unexpected vote to leave the European Union was the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister - not because he was a great leader (he wasn't), but because his successor is Theresa May, who promises to surpass even her feckless predecessor and become the weakest, most appeasement-minded Prime Minister since Neville Chamberlain.

As I was banned by Theresa May from entering Britain for the crime of correctly noting that Islam has doctrines involving violence against unbelievers, I know firsthand her anxiousness to please forces that do not regard free speech and open debate as positives for society. But there is more. As head of the UK Home Office, May announced a review of Britain's Sharia courts - then appointed Muslims to oversee it, drawing protests from human rights activists concerned that her review board would be too biased to note the courts' violations of women's rights...
Still more.