Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daily Kos Anti-Semitism: An Update

Daily Kos, the "mainstream" blog of the Democratic Party's netroots hordes, has yet to remove its recent vile anti-Semitic essay, "Eulogy before the Inevitability of Self-Destruction: The Decline and Death of Israel."

So it's no surprise that additional posts attacking the Jewish state continue to appear on Markos Moulitsas' home page. Here's the latest, "Apartheid Israel Trying to Start World War 3."

Daily Kos Apartheid Israel

During the last couple of days, news reports have come out regarding Israel's recent military exercises preparing for an eventual attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Suddenly, Ari Fleischer's name comes to mind recalling a conversation I had with a friend over a year ago regarding some secret Jewish coalition raising funds in excess of $200 million to wage a propaganda war in America in an attempt to gain American support for another war against Iran. Now that story didn't seem to hang around for long until recent. Ari Fleichser [sic] aka "Joseph Goebbels" and his Israeli warmongers are testing the waters for a possible attack on Iran in an attempt to drag America in to the fold. Do we just stand by and allow Israel to further incite tensions bringing the world to the brink of WWIII?

So, here's the Kos poster calling Ari Fleischer, an American Jew, "Joseph Goebbels," who was the Nazi's minister of propaganda and most loyal Hitler henchman.

That's despicable.

But the Kos poster blames Israel for September 11:

We've seen what complacency gets us with regard to Israel's foreign policy. It got us attacked on 911.

It's a short post, but no less noxious the earlier Kos entries demonizing Israel. Talk about left-wing degeneration...

Hat Tip: LGF