Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ideas, Clarity, and American Power

This past week or so has been a difficult time at American Power. I've been engaged in a battle of ideas, and at times the debate's turned painful and ugly.

But I continue doing what I do, knowing in my heart that reason and goodness prevail, and that ultimately the power of one's values will be measured by their success in the marketplace of ideas.

I'm thus pleased to find, at the time of this writing, that one of my morning posts, "
Cranky Rednecks and Leftist Bigots," has been picked for distribution on the main page at RealClearPolitics:

Best of the Blogs

Cranky Rednecks and Leftist Bigots - Donald Douglas, American Power
Hoyer Hails FISA Bill - Glenn Greenwald, Salon
Money Grubbing Tax Grabbers - McQ, QandO
Returned to the Battlefield - Hilzoy, Obsidian Wings
McCain and the Internets - Katharine Seelye, The Caucus
This is not the first time I've been cited at RCP, and I normally make no mention of the links. But this particular linkage is significant in confirming to some extent that reasoned discussion of controversial topics is recognized objectively as conducive to improving the political dialog.

Many of those who visit here do not comment, so let me share the timely support of one of my readers, who noted simply, by e-mail:

Your blog continues to be one of the very best out there. Keep up the great work!
So, thanks to everyone who's read through some of the bitterness and backlash of late, and thanks especially to those who've given me support. The names and links are too many to share here, but be assured that the friendship and readership is never underappreciated.

Ideas of moral clarity, progress, and the stewardship of power drive my blogging project.

This is what I do.