Friday, June 27, 2008

Nobama! Democratic Unity May Prove Elusive


Barack Obama sought to heal the rifts of the primary campaign by appearing on stage today with Hillary Clinton at a party rally in Unity, New Hampshire.

At the same time, a "Nobama" initiative of Hillary Clinton suporters is picking up steam around the web, and just today activists released a statement from the
Just Say No Deal Coalition, issued in New Hampshire:
While the Coalition respects the genuine nature of Senator Clinton in keeping her word to campaign with and for Senator Obama, we will not support him now or on November 4, 2008. Senator Clinton’s vote is her own; our votes are our own and they will not be cast for Senator Obama. The Just Say No Deal Coalition members will either choose to stay home in protest, write in Senator Clinton’s name or vote for Senator John McCain. Our votes are our voices and Just Say No Deal’s voices are 2 million strong and growing.

Checking the link one finds a huge array of pro-Clinton bloggers and others who are oppposed to Barack Obama's drive to power.

The coalition includes the
McCain Democrats, Hillbuzz, as well as Larry Johnson's No Quarter.

No Quarter was in the news this last couple of weeks with
the hoax on Michelle Obama's "whitey" tape, but Johnson's crew's just warming up.

For example, the lead article at No Quarter right now is, "
Boston Globe Exposé, Part I: Introducing Cecil Butler, Obama’s West Side Slumlord Patron."

Plus, a reader forwarded to me another article from No Quarter, "
Free Larry Sinclair, Obama's Political Prisoner."

I'll have updates later.

Meanhwhile, see Marc Ambinder, "After The Press Leaves, Some Edgy Questions."