Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Conservatives Daily Kos? Thank Goodness!

Newsbusters asks, "Why Isn’t There a Conservative Daily Kos?"

My short answer: There's just no place for Moulitsas-sponsored bigotry on the right side of the web, or at least there shouldn't be (although there are some hate-filled conservatives, certainly, who aspire to a millenarian takeover of the movement).

Here's this from

Whether or not one agrees with the political views of Markos Moulitsas, there's no getting around the fact his website has become not just a powerful force in the blogosphere, but is also shaping the Democrat Party.

This raises an important question: Why isn't there a conservative website like Daily Kos?
The answer's not novel: The Kos movment arose in protest against the Bush administation - it's is an oppostitional movement, where the prefix "anti" is placed in front of every one of its causes:

Whether it's anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Lieberman, or anti-Conservatism, there typically is an anti- in front of any Netroot cause.
Well, you can add "anti-Tim Russert" to the list. Daily Kos hosted an attack on the late NBC moderater that provides more support for my notion that Moulitsas sponsors hatred on his page:

I am not mourning this 5 million-dollar-a-year talking head, felled by his own obesity. How is it that in this world of suffering, we are expected to weep for a talentless and filthy rich tv prince? It is an example of false consciousness, like the frenzy over Princess Di's death...
The post was originally entitled, Burn in Hell, Tim Russert, You Talentless Lackey.

That's emblematic demonization, exemplifying the type of filthy evil that's routinely hosted on Kos' page.

Even Kos readers are questioning Moulitsas' sponsorship of evil, "
Where Are You, Kos? We Need You."

Where's Kos? Probably working on his follow-up to his McCain's "
yellow teeth" smear.

Conservatives would do well to avoid creating their own Daily Kos, and if they do, hosting the same kind of disrespect, I'll denounce them too.

That's what I do.

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