Thursday, June 26, 2008

Neocon Blog Wars!

Let me say right off the bat that it's better to observe blog wars that to engage in them, LOL!!

My reference is the big kerfuffle breaking out between
Joe Klein and the neocons.

Max Boot's got his
latest installment here, but I was especially intrigued by the outside observations over at the American Scene:

I imagine Joe Klein is in a bind. He was one of the most truculent liberal hawks, when he rightly attracted the ire and condemnation of smart young liberals. He later accepted their criticisms — wisely — but instead of taking on a more humble and thoughtful pose, he has reinvented himself as a liberal firebrand, actively participating in internal debates on the left, paying close heed to the shifting moods and tendencies of the center-left blogosphere. And a good thing too: there’s a lot of wisdom to be mined there, as most readers of The American Scene know firsthand. Yet my sense is that Klein’s community-mindedness is leading him astray.

The American Scene calls the war "not the right thing to do," and links to the left's Patrick Cockburn and his recent article on Iraq, so you can see where the essay's headed.

I've written a little on the Klein/neocon blog wars, highlighting
Peter Wehner's deft take down of Klein previously.

You might check out Andrew Sullivan as well, "Iraq = Germany."

It's all good reading, in any case. Enjoy!!