Friday, June 27, 2008

Max Boot and the Neocon Blog Wars

If you're not up on the latest neocon blog battles on Iraq, see "Neocon Blog Wars! An Update."

Max Boot has a new entry in the dispute. He's debating Josh Marshall, who's really no match for him (Andrew Sullivan's one of the disputants as well).

Check the
whole post. I especially like the conclusion:

I get the sense that Marshall and Sullivan, like many of their antiwar compatriots, don’t really care about whether we win or lose in Iraq. They simply want to get out, and damn the consequences. That brings up another historical analogy that I’m sure they would rather forget: the way we pulled out of South Vietnam after the defeat of the North’s Tet and Easter Offensives when a decent outcome (namely the long-term preservation of South Vietnam’s independence) was within our grasp. A lot of antiwar voices back then said it would actually be good for the locals if we left, just as they now say it would be good for Iraq if we skedaddled. Tell it to the Vietnamese boat people or the victims of the Cambodian killing fields.
I'll update with more.

In case you missed it, see
Abraham Foxman's response to Joe Klein's claim of divided loyalities of American Jews on the Iraq war.