Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama Community Blogs: "A STORM IS COMING!!!"

Via Little Green Footballs, here's a little more insight on the the stakes in this year's election, "A STORM IS COMING!!!":

This storm is led by the youth of tomorrow, and reinforced by elders of yesterday. Change is coming to America. No more wars; no more poverty; no more hungry children; no more senseless killing; no more destruction of other nations; no more homeless vets; no more for the few rather than for the many. A storm is coming! A storm of change for a better tomorrow is on the rise. All is welcome, but be assured… if you stand in it’s way you will be swept away by the force of over 70 million rain drops...
Yep, a storm is coming alright, a red storm of revolutionary proportions...

Soviet Red Storm

Soviet leader Joseph Stalin at the helm. 1930s Soviet propaganda poster. (Source)