Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ultimate News Hotties


I turn on CNN every morning while I'm making coffee.

It turns out that Kiran Chetry returned to her post this week as co-anchor of American Morning. I've warmed up to Chetry, but it took a while. I was upset when she first premiered in the mornings last year, because she replaced Soledad O'Brien, whom I had grown to love - not just as an attractive news host, but for her genuine skills as a journalist (she's got a seriousness to her that goes beyond good looks).

All of these musical morning anchors got me thinking about what it is we like about our news talking heads. It seems CNN's intent to go with the prettiest women they can find.

Brianna Keilar, who's pictured above, took my breath away when I first saw her, and I'm telling you, I wasn't thinking about news reporting. But that was nothing compared to my first look at Poppy Harlow!

Of course, for all her beauty, when I used to watch Judy Woodruff I probably remembered more of the actual news, back when she co-anchored with Bernard Shaw, seemingly eons ago.

So, readers, who's your favorite "ultimate news babe?"