Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MoveOn's Latest Attack on McCain

My previous post, on Jim Croce, reflected how warmly I feel about my readers: I've got the best darned community of readers a guy could wish to have.

But let's get back to
regular blog programming here at American Power, and what better way than with this truly underhanded emotional appeal to retreat from Iraq, from the nihilist antiwar group, MoveOn.org:

I've written about Iraq as much as anything else, and I find truly phenomenal the depths of depravity to which the left will descend in demonizing the president, this war, John McCain, our soldiers, and the American people who support them.

Allahpundit puts things in perspective:

The left (or at least the segment that MoveOn represents) still hasn’t quite accepted the idea of a volunteer military. If you enlist, it can only be because you were somehow forced — through a draft or, per Charlie Rangel and Waffles, through economic hardship. No one serves because they want to. Which makes this ad the flip side of liberals wondering why Bush hasn’t “sent” his daughters to war. Mom’s not sending Alex and you can’t “take” him, either, even if he wants to go.
Note how Chuck Todd is just a shade easier than I am on MoveOn's moral destitution:

It was a borderline shameless ad. Using a baby like that. ... That's an ad that strikes me as one that's going to backfire a lot, not a little.
I'll have more ... because the nihilists are just getting warmed up.