Monday, June 23, 2008

Revolutionary Communists for Obama

The "community blogs" over at Barak Obama's official page just keep getting better and better!

LGF, check out this "World Can't Wait" crosspost, "Why Jeremiah Wright Wasn’t Talking About ‘The Past’":

Obama Revolutionary Communists

The Sean Bell Murder and the Re-Klanification of America
by Malcolm Shore

This article originally appeared on the website of The World Can’t Wait—Drive Out the Bush Regime ( and is reprinted here with permission.

In opening his 2003 speech Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About, Bob Avakian—the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)—traced the rivers of Black blood that feed the ocean of American history. After angrily recounting some of the most horrific instances of lynching that occurred on U.S. soil, Avakian quoted an author who had written a book about the subject as saying: “It is doubtful that any Black male growing up in the rural South, in the period from 1900-1940, was not traumatized by a fear of being lynched.”

A few minutes later in this talk, Avakian updated the author’s observation to reflect modern U.S. society. “Today it is mostly the police—who openly, as the police—carry out brutality and terror against Black youth and Black people in general,” Avakian said. “Applying that author’s statement on lynching to the present, we could put it this way: ‘It is doubtful that there is a young Black male growing up in the US today—in the south or the north—who does not have a very real fear of being brutalized or even murdered by the police.’”
Is there really any question that the most radical ideological elements on the spectrum are backing the Obama campaign?

Better ask

He's up on this stuff, but at least check out
World Can't Wait's home page, as well as the organization's Discover the Network's entry, listed as: "Revolutionary communist movement that stages protests against the Bush administration."

See also, "
Barack Obama's Marxist Ties," and "Communists for Obama?"

Plus, there's lots more good stuff at LGF's entry, "At the Official Barack Obama Blog Site: The Revolutionary Communist Party."


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