Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chest Pounding Scrawny Creeps of the Leftosphere

I clicked around on some left blogs this morning, and the triumphalism following the debate last night seemed even a little more over the top than normal.

For example,
Markos Moulitisas has another post up offering his revenge-style commentary:

Now's the time for us to press the advantage and crush their movement for a generation or more.

The question isn't whether we get complacent. No one around these parts is getting complacent. The question is whether we take full advantage of what is shaping up to be a rout and truly press our advantage. Our enemy is on the retreat. We can't let them get away and regroup. It's time to crush them. Throw those anvils and make more Republicans "weep".
Kyle Moore also had a chest-thumper of a post, declaring the wingnuts in "PANIC!":

While many in the national punditry are saying this debate wasn’t a game changer, I find myself in disagreement. I think if the debate did anything, it, as Kos writes, “broke their spirit.” If the right isn’t panicking about how Obama just moved that much closer to winning the election, they are lambasting McCain for not being conservative enough. And I don’t even think Sarah Palin can inject enough vitality back into this campaign so that it can do what it needs to do in the last weeks of this election.
As readers know, Kos is a really bothersome individual, and Moore's endorsement of him is frankly indicative of the hegemonic moral laxity on that side of the spectrum.

Note to Moore, in any case: I'm not panicked. This has always been a Democratic year, and McCain's doing better than anyone would have expected by now, in an electoral environment some have described as a depression.

In any case, I'm with
Jim Treacher on the netroots nuts:


Take a long crawl off a short pier, you astroturfing worm.

The more these idiots pound their scrawny chests, the more convinced I am that they're nervous. If they're so confident, so sure they're going to crush the evil wingnuts, why are they
desperately picking apart every utterance McCain makes? "OMG! He said 'That one'!!!" Really, guys? And, "Holy nonexistent God, somebody yelled something unintelligible at a Palin rally! She should drop out NOW!!!" Yeah, that'll probably work as well as the other 20 times you've told her to drop out in the last 6 weeks.

This is not the behavior of people who think they've got it in the bag.

But then, Kos hasn't had a lot of experience at being a winner, so you can't really blame him for not knowing how to act like it. You might as well ask him to make a fist or reach something on the top shelf.

The louder these creeps declare victory with a month to go, the more I say:
Screw them.

We've still got about a month left in this campaign, and it's going to be rough sledding for the GOP, but I really don't think the lefties should be popping their corks quite yet.