Thursday, October 16, 2008

Virginia GOP Mailer Hits Democrats on Appeasement

The Virginia Republican Party has sent out a mass-mailer attacking the Democratic Party for appeasing our enemies.

Talking Points Memo is up in arms about it, denouncing the "slime."


In the race's final stretch, much of the real sludge and slime that floats to the surface will be the work not of the campaigns but of under-the-radar operations run by state parties and the like.

Here, for instance, is a new mailer from the Republican Party of Virginia that has to be seen to be believed. It hits Dems -- and by extension, Obama -- for wanting to appease terrorists and rogue leaders.

But the key is the last page, which displays a man who looks like Obama but with the same dark and sinister aspect as the bad actors depicted elsewhere in the mailing. Note the words superimposed over his face (click on the images to enlarge)...
Click the link for the image, which is narrow-cut photo of Obama-like figure.

TPM's rebuttal is not only to excoriate the "sleaze," but to argue that Barack Obama's policy is essentially identical to the current administration's, which is said to now be meeting with our enemies and finalizing diplomatic agreements that in fact consolidate the status quo (with a link

The problem with this is that not only has the Democratic Party long demonstrated in Iraq and Iran that it's the party of surrender, but that many prominent
voices on the right have repudiated the Bush administration's capituation to Pyonyang and Tehran.

A John McCain administration,
in this view, would return the U.S. to a foreign policy of firmness, bolstered by victory in Iraq.

Barack Obama, in contrast, will meet with our enemies "without precondition," which is translated into making absolutely no demands on the forces of evil arrayed against the United States.

Keep in mind, the Virginia Republican Party is simply playing traditional direct-mail politics. If folks want to see sleaze, just keep your eyes on the activities of the Kos-backed Demcratic Party base in the days ahead. Barack Obama had no comeback to McCain denunciation last night of the disgusting t-shirts worn by Democrat activists attacking Sarah Palin.

The Democrats will appease out enemies, and TPM's faux outrage does nothing to rebut that fact.