Friday, October 3, 2008

White Trash Always Gets Dumped?

With Sarah Palin's dramatic comeback performance in last night's debate, radical leftists will be redoubling their efforts to attack, demonize, and destroy the Alaska Governor with everything they've got. Nothing will be considered beyond the pale, absolutely nothing.

So it goes with TBogg, the notorous demonic conservative ridicule machine, and his post tonight, "
F-Me Pumps," an abbreviation of the Amy Winehouse namesake number:

Palin Pumps

If she did anything last night, it was to salvage some of her reputation but that's not going to get her and the "First Dude" out of Alaska unless it's to star in a sitcom ( I Love Lucy meets The Beverly Hillbillies).
This slime is to be expected, it seems, especially when that's all you're packing.

The left is supposed to be all about tolerance and difference, but as soon as someone comes along to break out of the pc-straightjacket, out come the big guns of villainy.

TBogg's trying to take down Palin, obviously, as if she's a slutty piece of white trash, a slur common among leftists blinded by Palin derangement:

This family is basically white trash ... Alaska Hillbillies ... as opposed to the Beverly Hillbillies who as the TV story went, actually did strike it rich with oil. No one in the Country Club/Wall Street Republican crowd would ever want anything do with a redneck family like the Palin's [sic] except to exploit them to win an election. Can't you just picture the entire Palin clan sitting down at a White House State dinner and opening their mouths to say something? You can only dress up a "redneck" to a point with expensive clothing and stylists. Despite all of the preparation and memorization and high end grooming, Sarah's ... still an ignoramus.
You know, folks often say that the evil we're seeing this campaign is relative, that it's just as bad on the right.

Sorry, but I'm not buying it - it just keeps comin' from the left side of the spectrum, like a sewage storm drain unplugged.

The Palins are not "hillbillies" - or if they are, so is the great majority of middle Americans; and thus
Barack Obama's dismissal of working class Pennsylvanians as "bitter," clinging to "guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them," really is representative of the elitist big-city mandarin mindset that seeks totalitarian control of state and society come January.