Sunday, June 6, 2010

El Marco's Initial Report From the 'Ground Zero Mosque'

Pamela Geller's got her big post up on today's protest at Ground Zero: "Excelsior! Upwards of Eight Thousand Protest 911 Mega Mosque on D Day!"

I'm going to work on an update for that in a few minutes, but I wanted to share El Marco's preliminary report yesterday from the 9/11 site, "
Prayer Time at the Ground Zero Mosque: Just Another Monument to the Triumph of Islam." Having been doing original reporting on my blog for over a year now, I've come to appreciate the effort and intimacy that goes into the craft. It's a lot like being a journalist. In my case it's totally freelance, and I don't expect to make much money. Robert Stacy McCain does blog reporting and usually turns those into full reports for publications like the American Spectator. I trade e-mails with Zombie quite a bit. He's been an inspiration for my own anti-war photo-blogging. And El Marco's been an inspiration as well. Be sure to read the full post when you have time; it's fairly academic. What I noticed --- besides the ideology of conquer that's inherent to Islam --- is the bottom picture (below) in particular, where El Marco says "I noticed men performing ablutions by the curb." Ablutions are ritual cleanings, and as a public spectacle they're quite strange. As Islam continues to gain a widespread grip across society, expect "foot baths" to become public accommodations in schools and the workplace. Hey, respect diversity you know? But these guys are doing it right at the curb, with New Yorkers commuting past on the sidewalk, paying little heed I guess. Just seems highly unusual to me. It's imposing a culture. I remember a woman I often had dinner with 25 years ago. We weren't romantically involved. But she told me exactly the kind of ethnic men she liked, and she had no plans to date Arab or Persian men. The cultural difference was just too much, and this for a woman who dated widely outside of her white racial background. In any case, El Marco's got a story to tell here, so take your time:

Ground Zero Mosque





Political Blueprint said...

I don't think Islam itself is the enemy of America. I do question the motivation of this group of Muslims opening construction for a mosque on September 11th though. Someone said its like them hoisting a victory flag. True or not? You can't really know, but the timing and location does seem to suggest it may not be that far off. And I do think what people have done under the same flag is relevant. With a group of people, you could not know anything about them without assuming some things by using their history as a group. I am not saying you can throw all Muslims into the terrorist category because of a few terrorists, but it is relevant that some of them are do fall into that category. Even with all of this put into account, they do have the right to build there because after all, this is America.