Friday, June 18, 2010

Killer Ronnie Lee Gardner Executed by Firing Squad

At New York Times, "Utah Executes Murderer by Firing Squad." And at ABC News, "'He Will Never Assault Anybody Again'."

It's extremely fascinating. Death by gunshot's obviously more humane than the peace industry's lethal injection horror show. Gardner's attorney's made an 11th hour appeal to stop the execution, but the wheels of justice kept rolling despite late efforts to slow things down. Watch for
the international outcry all weekend as criminal rights groups attack the U.S. as "barbaric." And the circumstances surrounding the case would seem to give death penalty opponents ammunition. Gardner's victim, attorney Michael Burdell, was a pacifist who opposed capital punishment. Attorney's for dead-man-walking Gardner invoked Burdell's name in speaking out out against the execution, saying that "Michael Burdell's voice has never been heard."

Couple of videos below. I wonder if someone's got a hidden mini-cam clip of this guy's death? Gardner's arms kept twitching after the shots fired, apparently. And it's hard to keep that stuff off the Internet in this day and age:


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Rusty Walker said...

We have way too much concern and compassion for convicted killers and not enough for the victim’s families. This was a double murder and apparently one of the victims was a family man. This is similar to my tragic story. I would have preferred the opportunity to be on the firing squad with, not one, but two live rounds in my chamber, to take out Dan Renwick (now serving double life). Justice? Not quite, my brother and niece were surprised and terrorized first, before they were murdered in cold blood. The narrative for this story mentioned the killer had a nap first.