Tuesday, June 15, 2010

President Obama's National Address on BP Crisis ... UPDATED!!

It was dreadful.

NYT's has its report, "
In Oval Office Speech, Obama Presses BP on Compensation," and also Politico, "President Obama: 'We will make BP pay'." WSJ's got the text of the speech via Memorandum, and this should be leading by the end of the evening. I'll have more later, but the president was dishonest in claiming the feds have been on the scene since day one and Obama exudes no urgency in crisis. Most of all, the speech was mostly propaganda fear-mongering on the alleged dangers of environmental collapse. I'll have more later, but watch the clip. Dreadful:

UPDATE: Check Real Clear Politics, "Krauthammer: Obama Gave It A Shot, But The Story Will Not Be His Speech"; Chris Cillizza, "President Obama's Oval Office Address: First Thoughts"; and New York Times, "In Oval Office Speech, Obama Calls for New Focus on Energy Policy." Plus, more at Memeorandum.


Dennis said...

An important comment that, read it somewhere else, should be added to each sentence of his speech to see how far off the mark it is is "and the oil spill still flows." This was so bad that even the Leftists media is horrified and beginning to distance themselves from Obama.

Reaganite Independent said...

Boy, did he lay an egg with this one- the trick bag is empty