Monday, June 14, 2010

Renee Ellmers: Let's Stop the Obama Bullying Thug Congress

The Democratic Party is circulating a set of talking points in response to the Bob Etheridge college journalist assault --- Dems are making outraged allegations that a GOP "tracker or intern" maneuvered to "incite this very type of reaction."

But WaPo's Jonathan Capehart is
having none of it:
It doesn't really matter what prompted it. By grabbing the arm of someone who said he was a student working on a project and then grabbing him by the neck after not being told where he went to school, Etheridge displayed thuggish behavior that must never be condoned. Not when it's done by rowdy Tea Partiers outside the Capitol, and certainly not by people who are elected to serve there.
The event is obviously a career-killer for Etheridge.

Renee Ellmers is the GOP challenger for North Carolina's 2nd congressional district. And my blogging colleague John Hawkins obtained an exclusive response for Ellmers on the incident, "
Bob Etheridge’s Opponent, Renee Ellmers, Responds To His Assault On A Student Film Crew":

I reached out to Renee Ellmers' campaign and they have released their FIRST written statement about the incident to Right Wing News. Here's what Renee Ellmers has to say,
If a teacher or principal treated a student this way – it would raise serious questions and he would be suspended. This kind of behavior is equally unacceptable in a Congressman. Bob Etheridge needs to make a full, complete and candid public explanation for this behavior. His describing his behavior as “a poor response” is not adequate. Most important of all, Congressman Etheridge should apologize – in person – to the two students.
You can donate to Renee Ellmers' campaign here. Additionally, you can follow Renee Ellmers on Facebook and Twitter.


Dennis said...

What you have in this situation is an example of what happens when people begin to believe they are smarter than everyone else. The sense of entitlement and derision towards anyone who might ask a question of his voting policies in Congress is indicative of that disrespect.
I do not blame these young people for not allowing their names or faces to be available given the "thugocracy" that Obama, the Democrats and their minions in the labor unions have engendered. You see this example of ACORN, union thugs and those on the left resorting to physical violence and menacing behavior that is more akin to the Gestapo than to a free country. It is even more prevalent when you read many of the comments by those on the Left.
No one who has this sense of entitlement should be representing us.