Monday, June 14, 2010

UC Irvine Suspends Muslim Student Union for Disrupting Speech by Israel Ambassador Michael Oren

At Instapundit, " UC Irvine suspends Muslim student group for disrupting Israeli ambassador’s talk," and at LAT, "UC Irvine wants Muslim student group suspended":

The Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine should be suspended for one year for its involvement in repeated disruptions of a February speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, according to a disciplinary report released by the university.

The Muslim Student Union has appealed the recommendation.

The speech about U.S.-Israeli relations was interrupted 10 times by students who got up and yelled out things like, "Michael Oren, propagating murder is not an expression of free speech."
And be sure to read the UCI administration's May 27th letter to the Muslim Student Union.


Rollory said...

Off topic, but I don't see a "email" or "contact me" link anywhere:

What is the source for the "American Exceptionalism" Wonder Woman pic in your sidebar? Do you have a higher res version, or know where to find one?

Philippe Öhlund said...

Great post Donald! :-)

I have still great problems understanding the Belgian result of their parliamentary elections.

In Flanders people have actually voted for dividing and destroying their little country.

In Sweden that would be regarded as high treason.

And in Wallonia the socialists have ruled for 50 years.

They don't even have a Conservative political party there.

Every time there is an election in Wallonia the socialists always win.

The result: 60 percent of women there are unemployed, and 40 percent of young people are unemployed.

The majority of people working there make only a thousand dollars per month, but with the high unemployment they have to pay half of their little salary in taxes to subsidize the unemployed.

That means you cannot even pay your rent and your food there with one full time salary.

How do people survive?

It's crazy.

And when it's election time people vote for the same people to represent them again.

And voting is mandatory.

To not vote will cost you a fortune.

The politicians in Belgium have much higher salaries than in Sweden.

They are the only ones making money there.

So what happens?

Well, young people with ambitions move from Wallonia to the northern part of Belgium or to France or to other countries.

Many of my Belgian cousins have moved to France.

And people from China and other countries move in to Belgium.

They are very smart, speak only English, work very hard, and then the country gets a huge black market and untaxed economy.

In Sweden we have a lot of taxes.

But usually we get something for our tax money, like free education, free school meals, free school books, cheap public communications like trains, and medical care etc.

In Belgium you pay taxes, but you almost get nothing in return.

If you need an ambulance there, you will even have to pay for it.

People are now so used to their depressing situation that they would miss it if it didn't exist.

Sometimes it's difficult to understand the world.

But in Sweden everything has changed a lot as well.

Here in Sweden everything is more expensive now than ten years ago.

But most of my old friends made three times more money here 10 years ago compared to now.

The money I have made working in Sweden since I came back here in April last year, I used to make in a couple of months ten years ago.

I must admit it was a fiasco moving back.

I could never have imagined how bad real life had turned.

But it has nevertheless been relaxing to speak Swedish and to meet old friends.

There were also some things I needed some time for to digest.

Well, I'm happy I'm leaving from here.

it's time to move on.

But I will miss the beautiful landscape and nature.

Where is the world headed Donald?