Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wonkette Attacks Carly 'Chemo Hair' Fiorina's Open Mic Moment

It's kinda creepy, actually, this unguarded open mic moment where Carly Fiorina's prepping for an interview on CNN. She doesn't say anything that's regrettable. But we feel like we're watching through a two-way mirror. But what's really interesting is how the radical left sees her:
Before the rude jackass remarks about Boxer — who has normal political lady hair — you must endure several minutes of Fiorina’s banal blabbing about Sean Hannity while she fiddles with her Blackberry and dismisses emails from people praising her appearance on Fox News. Entitled much, Carly.

Regardless of her unfortunate experience with “chemo hair,” Carly Fiorina is a cretin

See also NY Daily News, "My mic was on? Senate hopeful Fiorina mocks Barbara Boxer's hair, moans about Fox's Sean Hannity" (via Memeorandum).

I'm all in for Fiorina now. The primaries are over. We'll be seeing the biggest leftist double-standards this side of Sarah Palin. Barbara Boxer will be endlesslessly lauded as a leftist lioness of the Senate, while Fiorina will be mercillessly mocked for her cancer and attacked as a privileged corporate shill. The fear shows on the left, naturally. Folks said Tom Campbell was going to be Boxer's biggest nightmare, but who doesn't like an all-out feminist cat-fight. Fiorina's on top of the issues and she talks business on the economy. This is going to be good.


Sarge Charlie said...

I hope she can kick boxers ass... or even comb her hair. :>

fauxpopuli said...

Good thing there are Real Patriotic Americans around to protect Fiorina from the mighty humor blog. Seriously- go ahead and pat yourself on the back for standing up to that first-amendment-protected questionable satire. It isn't pathetic in the least, and anyway we all know this isn't what the Founding Fathers meant by that whole "freedom of speech thing."

Also Wonkette clearly speaks for liberals at large given how many of them know what the site is, let alone read it daily.

(Also: I have a feeling you need the help so yes, this is sarcasm.)