Sunday, October 24, 2010


A twenty-five minute film from Chandler Tuttle. A review is here. Tammy Bruce stars:


Dennis said...

It is too bad that "Harrison Burgeron" by Vonnegut is not required reading for all students. When everyone is forced to be equal then everyone is equally miserable, except those who have the power to make it so. There are "supposed winners" in every possible system that can be defined by man whether one likes it or not. Innovation dies and the society stagnates to the point of destruction as can be seen in every system of "Utopian" government.
The fact is that everyone has a talent, but most never find it or are oblivious to it for reasons of their own making in most cases. The jealousy of those that envy others only serves to keep them from developing their own talents.
It is not difficult to note that many of those who are very successful came from less than perfect conditions. It is hard work and a desire to be the best one can be that is the difference in people. One cannot "float" through life just getting by and expect that their lives will be what they want it to be.
Maybe reaching people through the medium of movies in this way, "2081" will get at least a few to think about what it is that is important in life and that begins with an evaluation of self. One cannot "improve society without first improving one's self.
No one truly respects what is given for free. We all want to believe that we have the wherewithal to succeed on our own merits. Equality in the sense that most Leftists mean it is of little value for it makes slaves of every one.