Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meg Whitman Tries to Close the Deal

I'm tempted to say Whitman's trying to "pull it out at the wire," but she's trailing too far back for that metaphor to work. She's a businesswoman, so yeah, "closing the deal" sounds good, and that's the sense I'm getting from this ad buy, which I saw on TV yesterday morning. 2010 has been an anti-candidate year, so, since nobody wanted to run, Californians are stuck with the "unhappy" choices she enunciates. It's bad enough that Jerry Brown will bore the hell out of the state's residents (younger generations, including college students, simply weren't alive when Brown first held the governor's office), but with Whitman it's clear that politics provides an attractive post-business career path, and as we saw in the primary, she'll tell voters whatever they want to hear in order to be elected. It's the complete opposite of what the tea party movement represents (populist limited government), and the GOP is collectively kissing grassroots ass as the party prepares to take back at least the House of Representatives. As I've noted previously, I don't care for Whitman. I'll gladly take her over Jerry Brown, and if she'd opened up more like this throughout the campaign perhaps I'd have made an effort at an endorsement. But for her sake, let's hope she has better luck closing the deal with the California electorate than she has with me. The voters are ready for some good government, and that's what will matter most over the next election cycle. Performance count: