Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meg Whitman Profiled at Los Angeles Times

By now I've pretty much laid out my feelings about Meg Whitman. But what the heck, I'll post today's profile at the Times anyway, in keeping with my election reporting. See, "Meg Whitman is All Business, All the Time." I'm not seeing any choice passages to quote, so readers can read it all at the link. The main thesis is that Whitman's obsessively private. She refused multiple interview requests by the Times. She's kept her family completely off the campaign radar screen, and her husband's been relegated to the sidelines (and he's only given one interview in 30 years of marriage). Perhaps, as some interviewed at the following campaign clip suggest, Meg Whitman's a genuinely down home woman who represents old-fashioned, small-town values. But how would anyone ever know? I met Steve Poizner during the primaries, but Meg Whitman must have considered the tea parties undignified. Maybe massive media buys would propel her to Sacramento. Who knows? Mostly, she's not run an effective campaign. She's especially failed to offer the voters something genuinely different. Why should we elect you, Meg? You don't sound so different than the dozens of cookie-cutter moderate Republicans who've come before. Indeed, by appearing as though you'd do just about anything to win office you've revealed more of yourself than you could ever buy with that endless spigot of campaign cash. It's seems like such a waste, and some say that it's not going to matter much on election day anyways. So there you go. See, "Good-Bye, California."