Friday, October 29, 2010

Cargo Plane Bomb Plot: Dry Run for Terror Campaign Against U.S. — UPDATED!!

Pamela's got the roundup: "Terror Friday: Jihad Attack Dry Run: Target America."

At the video, Liz Cheney indicates that the administration's weak terror policies have endangered our security and hung our allies out to dry:

And there's excellent coverage at London's Telegraph, "Terror Alert: Suspicious Devices 'Dry Run' for Terror Campaign Against US Synagogues," and "Cargo Plane Plot: Yemen Focus."

RELATED: At New York Times, "Sweep of U.S. Cargo Planes After Overseas Bomb Scare."


UPDATE: The New York Times is putting more emphasis on developments. See, "Obama Says Explosives Were U.S.-Bound," and CNN has a report, "Source: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Behind Cargo Terror Plot."

And the president's speech this afternoon, with comments from Lonely Conservative:
Is it just me, or does President Obama seem far more outraged and animated over political battles than he does about the threat of terrorist attacks here at home? Here he is, almost casually informing the American public that two packages containing explosives were bound for the US. He seems detached and uninterested. Weird.

More at Memeorandum.


Mosche Greenberg said...

Are people really believing these stories?

A bomb of this nature would only kill the person standing next to the printer.
Why on earth would someone plot to bomb a random person on the other side of the planet,
by shipping the device with fed ex?
Does the super-secret ALCIADA buy the components for their evil underground bombs on amazon?

Great Intel False Flag Operation to scare the hell out of naive people.