Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lauren Valle, MoveOn Activist and Accused Criminal Trespasser, Subdued While Attempting to Harass Rand Paul

Well, that's an alternative headline you won't get from the MFM. See Gateway Pundit, "Unhinged MoveOn.org Activist Tackled and Stepped On at Rand Paul Rally," and "UNHINGED LEFTIST Who Lunged at Rand Paul Is Paid Far Left Activist." And some criminal background on the alleged attacker, "Activists Face Felony Charges." Valle is a Greenpeace militant and environmental extremist, as The Other McCain notes:

Given the nature of the May vandalism in Louisiana – which seems to have aroused security concerns for two Cabinet secretaries — Valle’s actions in Kentucky take on a completely different cast. Environmentalists have been known to commit acts of violence and, in the mob scene outside the Lexington debate, some of Paul’s supporters might have feared that this wild-eyed person shoving her way through the crowd was trying to do some kind of weird Squeaky Fromme thing.