Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams on 'Good Morning America'

We'll be seeing loads of commentary today following-up on Juan Williams, but Left Coast Rebel captures the key segment from this "GMA" clip: "I Always Thought the Right Wing Were the Ones That Were Inflexible, Intolerant."

I've already noted the total collapse of media objectivity in mainstream journalism, but it's amazing to see Juan Williams admit his own "Damascus moment." And the bloodthirsty left isn't finished yet: "Is Nina Totenberg Next?"


Steve said...

The left wants to silence us. As William Buckley said: "Liberals claim to wan to give a hearing to other view, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views."

My last two posts have been about Juan, and the comments will illustrate just how unglued they have become. One blogger I came across called Juan a "rightwind, Oreo, jerk" yet claims to be "defending him louder than I can yell."

And I'm the dumb one, you know?

Dennis said...

One wonders how NPR et al handled Jessie Jackson saying almost the same thing about walking down the street in black areas at night and feeling some fear about his safety when approached by a group of Black males? Of course this was at a time when Jackson was less of a "race hustler."
It is too bad that most people do not make a finer distinction between Liberal and Leftist. There is a real difference in those identifying terms. There is nothing "Liberal" about NPR, et al and Leftists. NPR is a Leftist outlet.
NOTE: One will hardly see or hear the term "Liberal" in most of my comments. The LEFT and Leftists are the problem.
It just too bad that those in academe pushed all the definitions to the right in order to call themselves "Liberal" or middle of the road. Now many who would have been "Liberal" are termed "Neo-conservatives." It is why the Left side of the political spectrum is populated by such small numbers even though they populate the "media" and what would have been called "opinion leaders." Another reason why the "media" and so called "opinion leaders" no longer get the respect those terms garnered in the past.

Dennis said...

My wife gave me one of the best lines I've heard so far in reference to the firing of Juan Williams. Juan Williams may become the 21 century's "Rosa Parks." There sure is a lot of white faces at NPR?????????????