Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gawker's Misogynist War on Conservative Women

Michelle has the story, "The Gawker Smear Machine: A Refresher Course":


If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you know all about the Gawker smear machine and its misogynist war on conservative women.

Under Gawker Media boss Nick Denton, barrel-scraping blog Wonkette published racist, sexist crap like this:

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And manufactured smears like this.

In 2008, it was lying Gawker that published Sarah Palin’s hacked private e-mails, raided her family’s private photos, stolen from the e-mail account, used Bristol Palin’s illegally obtained private cell phone number from her mom’s private account, recorded her voice mail message and posted it on their website, and reprinted her husband Todd’s private e-mail address and son Track’s private e-mail address.

And today, it is Gawker running a filthy, paid anonymous hit piece on Christine O’Donnell that even other left-wingers have disavowed.

Salon: Gawker’s Christine O’Donnell tell-all backfires.

Politics Daily’s Jill Lawrence: “Gawker on Christine O’Donnell is absolutely, totally, offensively out of line. Awful. You won’t get link from me.”

Let me repeat again what I said about Nick Denton and his slime businesses in 2006:

There is a time to be tolerant and there is a time to draw lines. If you don’t draw those lines, bullies will be emboldened. The smug Gawker smear machine is all about pushing those boundaries with the expectation that no one will push back. They project their own cynicism, recklessness with facts, intellectual laziness, and bad faith on everyone else.

But outside of Manhattan and Los Angeles, not all of us think blogging is a for-profit enterprise founded solely to tear people down with gossip, rumor-mongering, and damaging lies disguised as “satire.” Funny how some of the loudest voices decrying the lack of civility in the blogosphere are the biggest promoters of the bottom-feeders and debasers at Gawker Media.

Still more at the link.

Unreal. But typical for leftists, for example, at Village Voice, "Is This the Guy Who Sleazed Christine O'Donnell?"