Saturday, October 23, 2010

Obama Cares More About Hyped Gay-Bullying Crisis Than Brutalized Black Inner-City Youth

I do think it's a legitimate problem, although statistically gay youths are no more likely to face bullying than non-gay teens similarly situated. What's pathetic though is how Obama can pander to the homosexual lobby on this in lieu of doing the real push for gay equality on DOMA and DADT reform. Yeah, we are seeing something happening with the Pentagon's gay recruitment policy, but it's more of a creeping equalization for gays in the military than a ballsy confrontation with the top military brass. Obama's a pussy, so it's no surprise. And he's especially craven here, since it's hard to find another area of U.S. public policy in need of bold leadership AND there's no one better situated to address the problem than Obama himself:

"Obama, Keep Poor D.C. Children Away!!":
The city that needs educational reform more than any other will have a new mayor next year. Washington DC Mayor Adrian Fenty lost the Democratic Primary mainly because he supported the successful educational reforms of his school superintendent, Michelle Rhee. Under Superintendent Rhee's reforms mediocre non performing teachers were dismissed but test scores went up and attendance improved. Mayor Fenty or Michelle Rhee did not receive any help or support from President Obama nor the DNC while fighting the teacher unions at every turn. Mayor Fenty and Superintendent Rhee were staunch supporters of the DC Charter School Program that was cancelled the Bush era program that provided inner city kids the chance to attend the Sidwell Friends School, the same school the president's daughters attend....Obama and his wife Michelle cannot afford for their daughters to come in contact with the riff raft children of Washington DC.

Democrats just can't take the chance African American kids will be educated in the American Capitalism and Black history that will lead them to the fact that the Republican Party has been with people of color since the Revolution. Democrats simply cannot affort for African Americans to learn about the racist past of the Democratic Party. To keep us on the plantation Democrats have to surplant truthful history with the pablum of muticulturalism and the victim mentality to keep us angry and resentful at our fellow Americans. Proud Black Americans know the truth ...


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