Thursday, October 28, 2010

Majority Now Views Whitman Negatively

From the new California Field Poll, "INCREASED SUPPORT FROM WOMEN, LATINOS, NON-PARTISANS AND L.A. COUNTY VOTERS PROPELLING BROWN TO A TEN-POINT LEAD - Whitman’s Image Has Deteriorated. A Majority Now Views Her Negatively."

The background's at
S.F. Gate and Memeorandum.

Democrat Jerry Brown has amassed a 10-point lead in the California governor's race over Republican Meg Whitman, whose negative ratings have reached record levels despite her spending $162 million in the largest self-funded campaign in American history, a new Field Poll shows.

With election day on Tuesday, Brown holds a 49 to 39 percent lead over the former eBay CEO in the race, with 5 percent of voters favoring other candidates and 7 percent undecided, the poll showed. The Field poll last month showed the two candidates in a virtual tie.

"I don't think voters have warmed up to Meg Whitman," said Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo.
It's no surprise. Whitman's given the voters nothing to get warm about.