Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mayor-Elect Rob Ford

At the Toronto Sun (via Blazing Cat Fur, who's been blogging the Toronto mayoral election almost exclusively of late, on this stuff, for example, "Ontario Minister Accuses Mayor-Elect Rob Ford of Bigotry").

Typical leftists. Anyway:
Given the huge endorsement he received from Toronto voters Monday, Mayor-elect Rob Ford now has the moral authority to do what he said he would do at City Hall.

That is, grab the place by the throat, cut taxes, eliminate waste and, as he repeated thousands of times on the campaign trail, “stop the gravy train.”

Monday’s election was clearly a game-changer. With a new mayor and at least 14 new councillors, one-third of council was replaced in one fell swoop.

Five incumbents were defeated, one is teetering, virtually unheard of in a municipal election. Torontonians — with a stunning 52% voter turnout — made it clear they want massive changes at City Hall and they want them now. They want their municipal politicians to start listening to them and an end to the tax-and-spend madness and political and bureaucratic indifference and arrogance of the last seven years.

As mayor, Ford now has an obligation to work with this new council and to govern for the good of the entire city.

But make no mistake. Both newly-elected and incumbent councillors also have an obligation to work with Ford in the interests of doing what taxpayers want, especially given the size of Ford’s victory.

So let’s have no more foolish, arrogant talk as some on council’s left-wing started, that they would choose their own mayor and freeze Ford out.

Torontonians won’t stand for it and the voters are never wrong ...
And at National Post, "A Right Turn."