Saturday, October 23, 2010

Red — An Action Flick for the Whole Family!


My wife had so much fun seeing "
Red" last night we're going again this afternoon — this time with our two boys! She's especially tripping on the special effects, for example, the chase scene with Bruce Willis hopping out of the car with bullets flying 1:40 minutes below. I'm just glad the family gets to spend some time together. We all work so hard and our schedules are all over the place. So, we're off to the multiplex. More blogging tonight:

BONUS: Left Coast Rebel has more.


Tumba said...

Love that scene with the car!

Steve Breen said...

I saw "I Want Your Money" and "Red" as a double feature matinee. While "I.W.YM." was amusing while informative, "Red" had me in tears gut laughing. Best ab work out I ever! The movie clearly runs with the old John Steinbeck aphorism about, "Don't pick a fight with an old man...he'll just kill you".

Anonymous said...

It kicked butt! Loved it!