Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Andrews Breitbart Calls Out Jeffrey Toobin for 'His Own Sexual Scandal'

Look, I couldn't believe Jeffrey Toobin earlier today, dismissing the Weiner scandal as a silly little matter. I've never thought that way about Toobin, although I never knew the guy was a total dirtbag either. Turns out that Toobin's alleged to have knocked up Casey Greenfield, daughter of CBS News' Jeff Greenfield. I saw this earlier at Moe Lane's, "Hey, Remember Jeffrey Toobin?" Then I caught Andrew Breitbart's tweets on this as well. And as sure as the spring, here comes the Daily Caller, "Breitbart drops the hammer, calls out Jeffrey Toobin on ‘Weinergate’":
“Look, there’s clearly a double standard with the mainstream media,” Breitbart said. “If this were a Republican, like Mike Lee or Larry Craig or Mark Foley, it becomes the single most important story in the history of the media for three weeks, four weeks. We are inundated with it and then the Nancy Pelosis and Anthony Weiners of the world come out there and say there has to be the ethics investigation because this is how Republicans are but yet the Democrats right now are going out there on TV just like Jeffrey Toobin who has been involved in his own sexual scandal – Jeffrey Toobin who sought out during Monica Lewinsky tried to investigate into Henry Hyde’s sex life going back years and this guy is going on television today to say we shouldn’t pay attention to an alleged hack into a congressman’s computer? It’s ridiculous.”
More at the link, including video.

I'm adding this Anderson Cooper clip, with Dana Bash and Jeffrey Toobin. Bash works hard to be a respectable journalist and Toobin, well, he's another ASFL:

The Other McCain's having a huge traffic day as well, and he's probably resting now, but will no doubt be pumping out blog posts when he wakes up in a few hours.

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