Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Sound L.A., 'Top 100 Rock Albums of All Time' — J.T.'s 'Sweet Baby James' at No. 83

For the holiday weekend, at The Sound L.A.: "The Top 100 Rock Albums of All Time." Pretty interesting. David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" came in a No. 88.

I was out for a bit and heard "No. 83: James Taylor | Sweet Baby James (Side 1)," including, "Oh, Susannah":

As this post goes live, "No. 81: Elton John | Madman Across the Water (Side 1)", is on the turntable. It's happening all weekend and you can listen from your laptop.

(And this reminds me of my good friend Tony from Down Under, who posts his weekly Sunday Night Music entries over at P.A. Pundits International. Enjoy the music, Tony!)


Mike aka Proof said...

James and I both had hair then. It was a very good year!