Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Sanctimonious Jackass Brad DeLong vs. Political Philosopher Chris Bertram'

From Brian Leiter, going after "Brad DeLong, a professor of economics at U.C. Berkeley" (c/o Instapundit).

Leiter slams DeLong as a "a dishonest scumbag." And, while yeah, there's plenty of those, looks like DeLong's got the upper hand, actually.

Follow the links at Leiter's place, especially to DeLong: "'Washed-Up, Marginal, Authoritarian, and Unappealing Leftist Watch: "Castro Did Lots of Good and Humane Things, Despite Being a Dictator; but the Bottom Line Is U.S. Hatred of Castro Had Nothing to Do with His Being a Dictator...'"

And you know, it's an intra-progressive debate, so they're all pretty much scumbags. Frankly, Leiter himself comes off the epic prick, and truth be told, strip away Bertram's fancy bullshit parsing, the commie dicks at Crooked Timber are a bunch of social justice "sick fuck"* losers.

* Birds of a feather. See Amy Alkon, "sick fuck adult losers ..."