Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Code Pink Activist Rae Abileah Accuses Israel of War Crimes on Democracy Now!

And she says that the United States is "not the kind of democracy I want to live in."

Well, duh. These idiots hate Western liberal democracy and are doing the damned-well best to bring an end to it.

I think that the act I took of courageously standing up in front of Congress doesn’t—the opportunity to do that doesn’t come along very often. But every day, as Americans, we have an opportunity to stand up. And whether it’s putting our money where our hearts are, by participating in economic pressure against Israel through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, or calling our Congress people or taking other actions, it’s time for us to say no to this terrible policy that, just as Dr. Barghouti has illustrated, will not bring about peace. Netanyahu proved yesterday that he is the primary obstacle to peace and justice for Israelis and Palestinians. And to see our Congress giving away three billion of our tax dollars every year to Israeli war crimes, while our economy suffers, while our kids can’t go to college, while our needs aren’t being met here at home, is absolutely an outrage ...

I just wanted to say that the people that were sitting around me in the gallery of Congress yesterday were mostly wearing badges from the AIPAC Israel lobby conference. And I did not expect that people holding such power and representing such a huge lobby group would respond so violently to my peaceful disruption. And after I spoke out, Netanyahu said, you know, "This is what’s possible in a democracy. And you wouldn’t be able to get away with this in other countries like Tunisia." And I think that is ridiculous and absurd. If this is what democracy looks like, that when you speak out for freedom and justice, you get tackled to the ground, you get physically violated and assaulted, and then you get hauled off to jail, that’s not the kind of democracy that I think I want to live in.
Alas, another Islamofascist tool. Israel Matzav has more: "The Moron Who Heckled Netanyahu." And Weasel Zippers, "Leftist Who Heckled Netanyahu Whines: Da Joooos Tackled Me And Now I’m In The Hospital Draped With a Protest Flag Mugging For The Camera With a Concerned Looking Dr. And a Neck Brace On."

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Dave said...

Ain't it funny that this Code Pinko communist bitch has no problem with the camel washing sheep humpers lobbing rockets indiscriminately into Israel.

...that’s not the kind of democracy that I think I want to live in.

First of all, this country is not a democracy.

Secondly, if she doesn't like it here, she can pack up her red things and move to somebody else's country that would be more to her liking.

If she likes to eat tree bark and boiled roots, she can move to North Korea.

I'll even help her pack and then drive her to the airport.