Friday, May 27, 2011

Laura Ingraham Accepts Ed Schultz's Apology

Laura's been quite gracious though all of this.

But don't miss Dana Loesch's essay, which just hammers the progressive misogyny that animates the left, and notes that Schultz is the only one to apologize for the hate so far: "Ed Schultz: Sorry For Calling You a Slut."

I wish Schultz’s behavior was more the exception rather than the rule but sadly, it isn’t. The majority of progressive males with whom I come in contact always seem to exhibit a vicious hatred for conservative women, one I can’t explain, one that transcends rational disagreement and goes deeper than the basic chauvinistic stereotypes. It’s disturbing and it’s especially disturbing how our society, for the most part, looks the other way. I could spend a week daily highlighting the various examples here on Big Journalism but the time wouldn’t be enough.

When I heard Ed Schultz’s remarks, I heard an angry, older man lashing out at a woman because she thinks differently about politics than he. I heard in him the voice of the many progressive males who send me hatemail daily, telling me I should suffer any number of indignities, some of which I am obligated to report to the police and the cyber crimes division. It’s not just me – every conservative female of my acquaintance with a voice in politics endures the same political cat-calling. It’s despicable.

Disagreement is par for the course with this business. Sexism and outright neanderthal behavior is not.


Dennis said...

Scratch a Leftist male and hatred of women will ooze out. Scratch a Leftist woman, despite all the whining otherwise, and one will find a person who will easily submit to male domination in the long run.
How else can one explain their fascination with many of the ideas that are held by the Left.
It is interesting to see Leftist women enjoy and participating in the attacks on other women. I can imagine that this is not lost on Leftist men.
Either that or Leftist women are not to bright because there is little on the left that does not lead to their ultimate subjugation.
It would be sad if it was not so pathetic.