Monday, May 30, 2011

Disgruntled Student Sues Her Law School Over 'False' Employment Statistics After Taking Out $150,000 in School Loans

And it's a $50 million class action lawsuit. I guess she needs the money. At The Tax Prof's Blog, "Grad Files $50m Class Action v. Law School for Misrepresenting Placement Data." Her name's Anna Alaburda. She's working as a "document reviewer," whatever that is. Also, at ABA Journal:
Filed by attorney Brian Procel of Miller Barondess, the suit seeks class action status and compensatory damages of $50 million for a claimed class of some 2,300 TJSL attendees.

Beth Kransberger, who serves as the law school's associate dean for student affairs, tells the legal publication there was no misrepresentation and says TJSL followed guidelines set by the American Bar Association when reporting its employment statistics..

"We've always been accurate in what we report, and we've always followed the system given to us by the ABA," she says. "This lawsuit is very much about a larger debate. This is part of the debate about whether it's practical to pursue a graduate degree in these difficult economic times."
Hat Tip: Instapundit.