Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scott Eric Kaufman Awards Students Who Like to Say F**k!

Well, it's no big f**king deal if you're a scumbag postmodern academic like UCI Composition Lecturer Scott Eric Kaufman. Nope. No qualms about it. See: "Fuckity fuck fuck. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. Q.F.E.F.D. (F.F.)." I guess that's where Dolt Douche Thers gets HIS oeuvre. But hey, five'll get you ten SEK calls his buddies "cocksuckers" in private, or well, maybe that'd be more of Carl Salonen's patter.

In any case, check Scott "F**kity f**k" Kaufman's winning submission for the comic Scott McCloud assignment, "Every quarter I present my students with five panels from McCloud..." And get this: The winner "wishes to remain anonymous." Well, yeah. Scoring GPA points for profanity probably isn't the highlight of the grad school/law school apps (or, well, it's been a while since I took the GRE, so who knows?). The student's a beam in SEK's eyes, apparently: "Congratulations! I hate you! You're awesome!" At least he didn't say "I'll end you"!!

Freakin asshat.