Monday, May 30, 2011

Ann Althouse Says it's Unfair to Compare Scott Lemieux to Spencer Ackerman: 'I'm trying to punish LGM'

See: "Scott Lemieux's Spencer Ackerman moment." And from the comments there:
LG&M is nothing but the repository of smug, snotty, too-clever-by-half leftist egocentric academics--as is, in the main, the crowd who regularly comments there. If one ever wanted a prime example of "Group-think" one could do far worse than peruse the archives and comments sections for, oh, say, as long as the blog has been in existence. Crooked Timber, Part II.

Check the whole thread. I asked Ann to clarify why she thought the comparison unfair:
Sorry, you got the link, but I won't give the explanation, because I'm trying to punish LGM. You'll have to be satisfied by the link and the fact that I am not stating the criticism of what you said.

I see I got myself into a paradox.
This comment's a riot as well.

My original entry is here: "Professor Scott Lemieux: Lone Pro-Life Wacko More Threatening to Americans Than Phony, Unconstitutional Global War on Terror, or Something."

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