Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scott Eric Kaufman ASFL!!


Only the dolts at LGM would fall for Scott Eric Kaufman's witless dodge, "Busted!"

And since Scott's a member in good standing of the left's Israel-bashing ASFL cadres, I'll spell it out for the idiots: It's not SEK's deployment of f**king profanity, but his AWARDING students college credit for vulgar language, which for the assignment in question replaced anything remotely requiring hard thinking. In other words, that's sh*tty instruction, if folks catch my drift.

That said, might as well post some Kate Upton, which will no doubt cause tantrums among the mentally challenged LGM commentariat, folks who make Spongebob and Patrick look like committee-members for a prestigious national science competition. I quit commenting over there after Robert Farley dipped into his trove of underage pop star porn (for a smear job), which is typical for progressives. It's all cool with lefties: "The Sexual Revolution and Children: How the Left Took Things Too Far." Yep. There's clue on SEK's obsession with professors who post women in bikinis. Project much? Need to blow off some guilt and shame? Well, it's hard out there for a lowlife postmodern academic ASFL.

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