Friday, May 27, 2011

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Photoshoot — It's Friday Rule 5

I'm gonna bug the hell out of the progressive PC ASFLs this weekend, so here's getting off to an early start. Besides, I don't see Blazing Cat Fur's Friday entry (last week's is here).

Also, a huge shout out to Bruce at Maggie's Farm, who's been doing fantastic work with the news-link roundups. Also, at The Other McCain: "Christina Hendricks Talks About Her Breasts: ‘They’re So Obviously Real …’"

Leading off is Pirate's Cove with his latest in "you must be a warmist" series. Plus, nearly NSFW at Theo's.

And don't miss Bob Belvedere's fabulous Rule 5 entry: " A Little Hump Day Rule 5: Lorrie-Menconi."

Anyway, here's some link around action: Astute Bloggers, Bob Belvedere, CSPT, Dan Collins, Eye of Polyphemus, Gator Doug, Irish Cicero, Left Coast Rebel, Mind-Numbed Robot, Legal Insurrection, Lonely Conservative, PA Pundits International, PACNW Righty, Pirate's Cove, Proof Positive, Saberpoint, Snooper, WyBlog, The Western Experience, and Zion's Trumpet.

Plus, top it off with with American Perspective, Maggie's Notebook and Zilla of the Resistance.

Let me know if I need to add your blog to the roundup.


Zilla said...

Thanks for the linky love!

Bob Belvedere said...

Thanks for the double-homer linky love, Prof.