Monday, May 30, 2011

Toronto's Globe and Mail Goes Inside Hamas


See, "Inside Hamas: An Inside Look at What Drives Palestinian Militants" (via Blazing Cat Fur).

This is another one of those resources where you'll want to sit back with a cup of coffee. There's both articles and video reports. The Globe's Patrick Martin really did get inside Hamas. Militarized squalor. Amazing reporting.

Start here: "Hamas: Agents of terror, partners in peace, or both?"

Martin is sympathetic but un-appeasing. I keep thinking what it would be like to have essentially a terrorist state in your backyard, recruiting and training a whole generation of young Palestinians that want to kill my family. Partners for peace? Well, folks know where I stand on that?


Rusty Walker said...

It will take less than a year, were Palestine to become a new state, for HAMAS to begin relentless attacks on Israel and will try to cut through the 9 mile sector.