Saturday, May 28, 2011

Henry Kissinger Interview at Time

An extremely interesting discussion. Kissinger's in the news for his new book on China, but the interview is wide ranging. And there's video. Time's Belinda Luscombe asks Kissinger, "Is the U.S. not a member of the International Criminal Court because former Secretaries of State like yourself might face prosecution?", and the transcript is strangely truncated:
The reason we are not a member of the international court is that the work is left to prosecutors who are drawn from a variety of countries who very often cannot understand what the issues are. I do not favor the International Criminal Court, but not even remotely out of fear for myself.
At the video clip, Kissinger indicates that the ICC has "started a process where some American officials are reluctant to travel abroad for fear that somebody will launch some sort of indictment against them ..." Yeah, and Israeli officials as well. In 2009 a British court issued an arrest warrant for Tzipi Livni, former Israeli foreign minister, to stand trial on war crimes charges. It's "lawfare" against the international systems' great power and their allies.