Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden Grove's Catherine Kieu Becker Accused of Cutting Off Husband's Penis and Putting It Down Garbage Disposal

This is not far from home.

I guess Catherine Becker wasn't gonna give her husband the chance of reconstructive surgery. John Wayne Bobbitt's severed penis was in reusable condition after wife Lorena took a knife to it:
"It was an intact penis, very cleanly cut," recalls Jim Sehn, the urological surgeon. "It was not crushed. It was not visibly soiled."
The story's at Los Angeles Times, "Woman accused of cutting off husband's penis said he 'deserved' it," and KTLA, "Penis Attack: Wife Cuts off Husband's Penis, Tosses it in Garbage Disposal."

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (KTLA) -- A woman is under arrest after police say she drugged her husband, cut off his penis and threw it into the garbage disposal.

Garden Grove police were sent to the home in the 14000 block of Flower Street around 9 p.m. Monday night after a woman called 911 for a medical emergency, according to Lt. Jeff Nightengale. When officers arrived, they found a man bleeding from the crotch area.

The woman, identified as Catherine Becker, 48, the victim's wife, had put an unknown type of poison and/or drug into her husband's food to make him sleepy, according to Nightengale. She then tied him to the bed. When he woke up, she cut off his penis with a knife, investigators said. She then tossed the penis in the garbage disposal and turned it on.
More at the link above.

Mrs. Becker is in police custody.

I'm interested to see the feminist response: Striking a slash against the patriarchy?


Alec Rawls said...

A large swath of American women--not just movement feminists--CHEERED when Lorena Bobbitt was acquitted after she cut off her sleeping husband's penis. There were even news stories and video clips of clumps of women in offices and other public places erupting in cheers.

They all knew he hadn't raped anyone. Lorena's explanation to the police was: "He always have orgasm, and he doesn't wait for me to have orgasm. He's selfish." Later she also claimed to be angry about infidelity and physical abuse, which she obviously inflated as much as possible. Yet these women still cheered her getting away with cutting body parts off. I KNEW women who cheered, supposedly intelligent educated women.

So they would agree that if a man suspects his wife of infidelity, it is okay to slice her breasts off? Apparently a full half of American women were incapable of comprehending that this is what they were saying.

There IS something deficient in the female brain, a tendency to fixate on the personal to the extreme exclusion of abstraction. If a woman is to be moral, she must overcome this deficiency, but a hell of a lot of women have no interest in overcoming it. They embrace it. It is THEM, and they'll be damned if they'll let anyone tell them that they should see the world in a more de-personalized and less emotional way.

Which raises the question of whether it was really a good idea to let women vote. I don't think there was any alternative. Many women are responsible while many men are irresponsible in their own ways, making any blanket approach uncalled for, yet any attempt to draw lines is susceptible to being tailored to favor a particular political ideology. That is usurpation, which is worse than mere incompetence, so we are necessarily stuck with a very imperfect system.

Still, we should be concerned about the particular moral infirmities that tend to afflict women and how these infirmities afflict our society through the female vote. It was not long after women got the vote that our long established constitutional system of limited enumerated government powers was overthrown, opening the door for the welfare state, where government becomes the husband-father figure that women go to have their needs supplied. That this is not coincidence is shown by the fact that women voters strongly favor the Democratic Party, which is the party of the welfare state.

So the question becomes, how do we reach the female brain and get women to stop favoring candidates and policies that are suicidal for America? Is there an emotional way to induce women to think abstractly, maybe by getting them to imagine themselves in the position of those women who have had their lives destroyed by the false promises of government as husband and father?

What am I dreaming about? We can't even get women to stop cheering the equivalent a man cutting a woman's breasts off just because she did something to anger him. Or HAS something changed in the last 20 years?