Sunday, July 10, 2011

John Cook, Dude Trying to Out CIA Agent Who [Helped Kill] Bin Laden, Married to Anti-Zionist Allison Benedikt*

Gateway Pundit has the story on John Cook, "Disgusting. Far Left Gawker Posts Photo of Suspected CIA Agent Who Helped Kill Bin Laden." And following the links takes us to The New Ledger, "Gawker’s John Cook Attempts to Out CIA Agent Who Helped Kill Bin Laden." Be sure to read the whole thing. It's juicy. But what's especially interesting is this snarky aside:
If Cook is correct or not, this individual is now a high value target for a group of terrorists who enjoy killing people and their families who have done them wrong. It’s pretty much all they do, in case Cook hadn’t noticed amidst ranting at his family members about how much he hates Israel.
That "ranting at his family members" line links to Jeffrey Goldberg, "Giving Up on the Zionist Dream," which is of course Goldberg's response to Allison Benedikt's now infamous essay, "Life After Zionist Summer Camp." Folks might remember when I blogged this, but one of the most interesting things at Benedikt's piece is the account of her husband berating her family about the "evils" of Israel. I never bothered to search for the guy, and she didn't reveal the name, but The New Ledger has the goods, and a quick search shows that the same family that Cook slammed took the time to post marriage announcements with the major New York newspapers and magazines, like the New York Times and New York Observer:


That's quite a revealing puzzle in the end. John Cook, and his wife too, apparently, might was well move to Yemen to start their training with Al Qaeda. Never mind that Osama Bin Laden wasn't motivated to attack the U.S. because of Israel (think Saudi Arabia instead), for members of the anti-American, anti-Israel contingents, what matters is to be on the side of America's enemies. And with this latest news on Cook's efforts to out the CIA operative, I'd say these folks are getting into John Walker Lindh territory.

It's pretty bad. And given Benedikt's laudable upbringing in the Zionist youth movement, it's fundamentally sad that she met such a guy, who by her own account pulled her over the edge into pro-terror ideological affiliations.

*Fixed the title.


Anonymous said...

After reading the various posts on this topic, I am left with sadness for that wretched, wretched lonely girl who felt so unloved underneath it all. That inspite of the wholesome upbringing that she had, she ended up with a raving lunatic leftist. I hope they both find true harmony and humanity in due course of time. They should examine their hearts in private, away from the public forum. May be then, they can see the forces that are bearing down upon them. And also realize that it is not always wrong to be to on the Right. But that sometimes to be on the Left can be downright lethal.

Dennis said...

Yesterday must have been one of those days when reality sends one a message. I was doing a lot of reading and had the TV on in the background with the "History" channel doing its normal "Hitler" thing. After a bit It occurred that a vast majority of the things the Germans did at that time are just like the what defines the Left today: Hatred of Jews, large centralized government with a "Messiah" at its head, strong "Green" tendencies, sterilization and removal from society of those not considered "perfect, eugenics, et al. The list goes on.
Later I began reading again and had "No Reservations" on in the background. They were in Cambodia and it was much the same with the Khmer Rouge with the use of Marxist philosophy used to accomplish the same goals that the Leftists in this country try and or would use to get rid of those who do not meet their ideals.
When one looks at history it does appear that there is NOTHING good about being a Leftist because they always wind up doing the same things to other human beings in the name of what they think is "good" for society. It does seem that one cannot be a Leftist without constantly being mad at someone or something to the point of wanting to eliminate the offending item. I same item here because those who disagree with Leftists are not considered human, Black Women, et al. Truly EVIL. If one is a Leftist one needs to ask themselves and/or extrapolated what is the ultimate results of those ideas that are espoused. If one can do it without experiencing horror then one has already been lost to Evil. It is why I, and probably many, many others, have moved away from the Left. The fascination with "Death" as a final solution for so many issues is so strong as to make one wonder how any thinking human being cannot notice it.

Donald Douglas said...

It's like a religion. Frankly I can't see how people continue to cling to progressivism.

Great comment, thanks Dennis.